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I Know Someone Who is Obese (Young Explorer: Understanding Health Issues) ISBN: 9781406220841
Barraclough, Sue
Published by Raintree, 2011
One of a series of books aimed at KS 1&2 about health and disability issues, this one is about obesity, and while the writing and photos are very much at the right level for young children, the pull-no-punches approach makes it clear that obesity is a big problem. This does not mean that unkindness is the order of the day. In fact, as the major theme is one of friendship, the emphasis is on how to be a good friend to someone who is obese. This includes such things as standing up to bullying and encouraging the friend to eat well and play games. We learn exactly what obesity is with a health chart about body fat and are told that doctors use a special test to discover if someone is obese or just overweight. We are given causes of obesity, and genetics is one such, although just because your parents are obese does not mean that you will necessarily become so. Habitual eating is the main problem, although using machines to get around rather than walking, and eating unhealthily are also big causes. Obesity causes health problems such as heart attacks and diabetes, and obese people may well feel tired, stiff, have breathing problems and bad moods. There are sections on healthy eating, on getting plenty of exercise, and on how to be a friend - not nagging, boostering self-esteem, and helping him or her to make small changes. You can be active together and encourage your friend in sports and walking and physical activities of all sorts. We learn that there are famous people who have managed to lose weight and become very successful in their fields, and there is a true or false section that puts down some myths about obesity. Positive and helpful, the large print and colourful photos combine to tell a true story about the very real health and emotional problems that obesity can cause. A glossary, an index, and a list of books and websites will help with project work, and the book will be useful at home too for those facing the major problems that this condition brings on.
Age: 7+