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Naughty Naughty Monster ISBN: 9781783705740
Abbott, Greg and Umansky, Kaye
Published by Templar Publishing, 2016
It is hard to be scared of a cuddly monster, particularly if he is said to be 'naughty'. And he is! Oh yes, he is! In rhyming couplets, we meet the Monster as he rampages through the woods looking for little beasties to eat: 'I'm a Naughty, Naughty Monster! Are you ready? Here I come! I am hungry for my dinner, and I want you in my tum.' The small animals are terrified of course, but who should turn up but a dainty little fairy with attitude. When she shouts, 'No!' at the Monster, he crumples, and when she sends him back to his cave, he meekly complies. However, he is soon on the rampage again, this time amongst the farm animals, and when the fairy once again sends him to his cave, he goes, but not happily. The third rampage finds him trying to eat people, and the fairy finally gets really tough. She seals his cave with a huge stone, and he must stay in there until he learns to behave himself. Of course, he does, and the fairy lets him out, although somewhat dubiously. He's a changed Monster, though, and romps happily through the woods with his new-found animal friends. The illustrations fit the text beautifully, and are full of life and action. The two page spread when he is in the cave and having to mull over his wickedness is particularly fun, with lots of movement and expression. This is a super book and would make a lovely story in nursery or reception class. The monster is much more humorous and cuddly than scary, and all comes well in the end as he learns his lesson. Perhaps children who are afraid of monsters will adopt this one as a friend.
Age: 3+