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Flabby Tabby ISBN: 9781845075651
McKinlay, Penny and Teckentrup, Britta
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Bks, 2009
'Tabby's life was an endless round of activity' - not! She moves from bowl to bed and back again, and that is all the exercise she gets. When she gets stuck in the cat flap, the family realise something must be done. The vet makes a suggestion, and soon there is a kitten in the house, who is so nimble that Tabby can't get to her bowl in time and the food disappears. What to do? Being a sensible cat, she begins a fitness regime which is tough in the beginning, but soon she is slim enough and energetic enough to beat the kitten to the food, and they are soon running around the house causing mayhem together, even sleeping in the same basket. The pluses of being fit and healthy will be obvious to an overweight child and will hopefully put him or her onto their own fitness regime - whereupon they also will soon be causing mayhem again! The pictures are a delightful combination of bright colours, integrated text, and fun.
Age: 4+