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Peppa Pig Goes to Hospital. ISBN: 9781409312147
Astley, Neville and Baker, Mark
Published by Ladybird, 2012
Popular Peppa needs no introduction to anyone with a toddler, but this little book will go a long way to providing reassurance to the youngest child facing a time in hospital. It isn't Peppa who is in hospital, but Pedro Pony, who has broken his leg. The children in Peppa's nursery are off to visit him, and they see him in a colourful children's ward, eating lunch in bed (the children are terribly impressed with this), and showing off the button he pushes whenever he needs the nurse to come. On the last page, he comes back to school, fully recovered in what seems a remarkably short time, and the other children greet him happily. This laminated board book should last a long time, and children keen on Peppa will no doubt put it to good use.
Age: 2+