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Moving House ( Growing Up series) ISBN: 9781406220490
Parker, Vic
Published by Raintree, 2011
In bright photographs and large print, this book teaches us what it is like to move house. It includes an explanation of what moving house means, sections on how to prepare, what happens on the day itself, how will I feel about it, will I still see friends, what changes the move may make, and how to help with the process. The information is basic without being too detailed, and the resulting feeling is one of encouragement. A section on 'How to Help on Moving Day' gives good advice such as 'help with the last bits of cleaning' and 'keep your favourite toy in a rucksack you can wear all the time, so it doesn't get lost'. It also suggests that you shouldn't get in the way of people packing boxes! An important reminder! This is an excellent preparation for the problems and joys of moving house, concise, with just the right amount of information.
Age: 4+