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My Visit to the Hospital ISBN: 9780749674687
Fairclough, Chris and Humphrey, Paul
Published by Franklin Watts Ltd, 2008
An unusual story in that Georgia has evidently already had a first visit to the hospital. She has broken her ankle while riding her bike, and now the ankle is better, she is going to the hospital this time to have the cast removed. Off she and her mum go, and we see them in the waiting room (Georgia reading a book I'm delighted to see!) and then with the doctor. Georgia must have an x-ray to be sure all is well, and we see the machine and Georgia's leg being adjusted on the table. The bone has healed, so a nurse begins to cut the plaster cast off; he checks her leg and then has her stand up. 'How does it feel?' he asks. 'Great', says Georgia. A few weeks later we see her riding her bike again. Lots of bright photos of a very photogenic little girl and very large print make this good for quite young children, and it will be excellent for beginner readers. Part of the Reading Roundabout series.
Age: 4+