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Visit to the Hospital (My First) ISBN: 9781848352582
Garton, Michael and Marleau, Eve
Published by Qed Publishing, 2009
Aisha and her brother Amir love to play in the garden with their frisbee, but one day when Amir throws it very high, Amir walks backwards to try and catch it and falls over a garden chair in the way. She falls hard, and her arm really hurts. Mum says they had better have it checked in hospital, but Aisha isn't sure she likes that idea. Mum explains that the doctors will help the arm get better, and off they go. In the waiting area of Accident and Emergency, they see several other people waiting to be helped. When Dr Berry explains that the arm will need to be x-rayed, Aisha doesn't like that idea much either. Mum and the doctor explain that it won't hurt and that it just takes a picture of the inside of her arm. We see the x-ray machine and afterwards, we see the picture of Aisha's arm, which is indeed broken. A cast must be put on, and Aisha opts for a green one - she's quite excited about that, and when she and mum get home, she's pleased and proud to show Amir her cast. This is an excellent book to use with children who have had an accident and need to go to hospital, and it will be a good option for schools too, as there is a glossary at the end. Very reassuring and honest, the pictures, full of warmth and bright colour, will add to the appeal of the book. Great for hospital A&E departments too!
Age: 5+