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Everybody Feels... Angry ISBN: 9781784934279
Butterfield, Moira and Sterling, Holly
Published by QED Publishing, 2016
One of a series of books on emotions, this one explains that anger is normal and everyone feels it sometimes. We meet two children and discover an incident with each of them when they become angry. Sophie is very cross when her dog chews her trainer and her little brother draws all over the lovely picture she has been working on. She feels 'like a kettle about to boil' and finds herself turning into Angry Girl! She shouts at little brother and then runs into the garden crying because she feels so bad. Ethan, who lives next door to Sophie, discovers that his brother has eaten the chocolate bar he had saved for himself and 'feels like a balloon about to burst' and turns into Angry Boy! He also shouts at his brother, and when he and Sophie meet in the garden and share their unhappiness, they both begin to calm down and feel better. Both brothers apologise and soon all is well. The illustrations in this books are of a high quality, and as Sophie is eastern in background and Ethan is white, there is a nice racial mix. With a page of suggestions on using the book for parents and teachers and a glossary of 'Story Words' using both pictures and information, this could be of great use at both school and at home.
Age: 4+