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What makes me me? ISBN: 9781405303590
Winston, Robert
Published by Dorling Kindersley, 2004
This is a fascinating book. Not only does it include clear, detailed descriptions of all the body systems and the building blocks that make them, but we also learn how and why each of us is unique, how the brain works, and a great deal about personality. Sprinkled throughout are tests to take to determine, for instance, if we are right or left footed or eyed, memory tests, tests for spatial, verbal and numerical intelligence - and a really hard one on lateral thinking. There are boxes with answers to frequently asked questions, and DK's usual design techniques are fully employed. The whole emphasis is on the uniqueness of the individual, and with Robert Winston's well-known media presence and his clear style, this should prove a book to pour over for hours together.
Age: 10+