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Obesity: Don't Call Me Fat! (A First Look at...) ISBN: 9780750289566
Keay, Claire and Thomas, Pat
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2015
In this gentle approach to obesity and the problems it can create, the author has come up with positive lessons on eating healthily and taking exercise. There is no 'preaching' here. Thomas uses similes such as: 'eating too much is like putting too much air into a tyre - or too many clothes in your suitcase'. She gives reasons for why people eat more than they should and admits that adverts and the proliferation of food that is not good for us play a part. Finding it difficult to buy clothes that fit and also the problems that arise when one can't play games like one's friends are mentioned, but the basic thing to remember is that even when people are rude or bully, you are yourself and have your own talents and skills. 'Being overweight doesn't change that.' Sometimes people need friends or family to help them to change habits, and it will take time. Just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect, and it is only when we try hard that we progress. There is emphasis too on families working hard together to make changes that benefit everyone. The illustrations are gentle and warmly expressive, and the only caveat I have about this book is the title. It seems a bit bald and obvious for a book that is seriously sensitive in its approach.
Age: 5+