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Betsy Goes to School (Betsy First Experiences) ISBN: 9781405268233
Stephens, Helen
Published by Egmont UK, 2014
Betsy is really excited when mum says she's big enough to go to school, but even the new school bag and her toy penguin are not enough to make her want to stay when she finds she doesn't know any of the children there. She clings to her daddy's buttons, and he looks a little wobbly too when 'nice lady Lisa' comes along to say hello and convinces Betsy and Penguin to have a look around. Soon Betsy has met Abbie who is playing cafe, and the little girls become friends. There is story time too, and by the time that daddy comes to collect her, Betsy really would rather not go. Assured that she will be able to come back another day, she happily waves Abbie off. This series about Betsy is a real winner. The pictures are full of warmth and family feeling, and will be of real help to children who feel a little nervous about the new experience of playgroup or nursery.
Age: 3+