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Betsy Makes a Splash (Betsy First Experiences) ISBN: 9781405268226
Stephens, Helen
Published by Egmont UK, 2014
Betsy is really excited about going swimming with mummy for the first time. She carries her rolled up towel proudly and enjoys using a cubicle to change and putting their clothes in a locker. It isn't quite so much fun, though, when they meet big-girl friends Poppy and Holly and she gets splashed when they jump into the pool. Betsy wants to go home, but mummy says that perhaps they could sit on the edge of the pool for awhile. When Poppy and Holly ask if she wants to play, she isn't sure, but they bring her a big rubber ring 'with a space in the middle for my tummy', and she is soon splashing around happily with them. The big girls want to go on the slide, but from the expression on Betsy's face, she isn't too sure about that either. But with mum to catch her at the bottom, she is soon using the slide like the little trooper she is. After a shower and using the hair dryer, Betsy is ready for hot chocolate and marshmallows and has learned she really likes swimming after all. A fun story that will be very appropriate for children who aren't all that sure about the water.
Age: 3+