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The Seeds of Friendship ISBN: 9781406356502
Foreman, Michael
Published by Walker Books Ltd, 2015
Adam has moved from his warm and sunny country with lots of lovely animals to a cold and grey high-rise estate in a cold and grey city. He likes his family's new flat high in the sky, but he hasn't made friends even though he has seen children playing down below. He loves for his parents to tell him stories about his country and he draws pictures of animals such as lions and hippos to go with the stories. When really cold weather begins and their is frost on the windows, Adam draws animal pictures on the frost and is amazed to see his first snow. The grey world has turned white! This is a catalyst for him to go down and meet some of the children, who are soon making snow animals at Adam's behest. At his new school, Adam sees some of his new friends and they show him a small green garden, a welcome oasis in all the greyness. When the teacher gives him some seeds, he takes them home and he and his mum plant a window box. Soon they have flowers, and Adam convinces the other children to make gardens everywhere. Wonderful two-page spreads show their efforts on a rooftop and then on the ground, where they have used old baths, wheelbarrows and any piece of free land they can find. It's a joyous sight, and soon the whole rather grim estate is full of wonderful window boxes with colour everywhere. Foreman's delicious illustrations show us how wonderful it can be when people from other lands contribute their ideas and talents to our country. A very special book.
Age: 5+