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Ice in the Jungle ISBN: 9781846437304
Hofmann-Maniyar, Ariane
Published by Child's Play International, 2015
Being a polar bear, Ice is not best pleased when mum announces they are moving to a different country because of her new job. She will miss her friends terribly, and when they get to the new country, it is hot and full of strange animals. Poor Ice. She doesn't even understand what the trying-to-be-friendly animals at her new school are saying. Mum is the only person she can depend on: 'Only her mother's hug felt the same as always.' Sad Ice goes out to the playground to swing by herself, not understanding why the other children are too busy to accept her attempts at friendship. They are, in fact, busily preparing a Polar Bear Party for her, and she soon feels happy and accepted. It is the illustrations that make this story so imaginative. Ice and her mum journey to the new country (obviously some part of Africa) on top of a Whale, and they meet with storms and beautiful starry nights on the way. The 'bus' that takes them to their new home is an elephant, and Ice's favourite toy is a fish! This is a beautifully drawn super story of a polar bear-cum-child, who finds the drastic changes in her life hard to deal with
Age: 4+