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At the Hospital. (Start Reading: A Special Day) ISBN: 9780750263757
Llewellyn, Claire
Published by Wayland, 2011
Whilst this is a 'start reading' book and is excellent for the purpose with its large print and very simple sentences, it also could be used for younger children to help them understand what happens when they have to go to hospital after a fall. When a little girl falls off her bike, she finds that her arm hurts a lot, and her dad phones for an ambulance. We see the medics assessing her, putting her in the ambulance on a stretcher, and that her dad goes with her in the ambulance to the hospital. She is given medicine to help the pain, and then is given an x-ray, which shows a broken bone; we see a cast being put on by a nurse. Then it is time for home, and she is told to come back in six weeks to have the cast removed. After a week, the little girl admits her arm still hurts and that she has to be careful, but that once the cast is off, she will be back riding her bike again. The photographs show us what is happening, although not in great detail, but it is a good introduction to a positive experience in hospital.
Age: 3+