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Not Fair, Won't Share: A Book about Sharing (Our Emotions & Behaviour) ISBN: 9781445101545
Graves, Sue and Guicciardini, Desideria
Published by Franklin Watts, 2011
When the children get to school on Monday, they discover that Miss Clover has made a surprise for them - a space station complete with boots and helmet, buttons to push and levers to pull. They are delighted and everyone wants a go. To be fair to everyone, Miss Clover puts their names in a hat and pulls out three to have the first chance, Posy, Ben and Alfie. But Posy doesn't want to share, and she proceeds to grab the lot. Ben gets angry and pushes Posy; then Alfie gets cross and snatches the helmet. Posy has a temper tantrum, and Miss Clover then gets cross too! She sends the three children to different places in the room to calm down, and all three realise they have been silly and have lost their turn on the splendid new toy. Miss Clover calms down too by counting slowly to ten, and then the three children get another turn when they promise to 'take turns and share'. This is really very funny, and I particularly like the fact that we see Miss Clover having to control her anger too. The illustrations are jolly and fun, and the book includes a story board at the end, two pages about two aliens who refuse to share. There is no text with this, therefore a good starting point for discussion. There are also a couple of pages of notes about sharing the book with children.
Age: 4+