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Lenny Goes to Nursery School ISBN: 9781847803177
Wilson-Max, Ken
Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, 2014
It's Lenny's first day at nursery, and he is 'a little afraid' - excited too, but doesn't know what to expect. When he sees a little girl at the school gate, he notices her bright clothes and then that she waves goodbye happily to her mum . When he waves to his own mum, he isn't so sure, but Lucy takes him in hand and soon they are playing together. He and Lucy sing songs, have juice at break, draw and play together, and sit together for the story. It is a happy day and Lenny will have no doubts about tomorrow. The pictures are really excellent, simple but expressive, and will appeal to the youngest child. Lenny is black while his mum is white, and it is very much a mixed race nursery. An admirable option for preparing a child for the new experience of nursery school.
Age: 2+