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My body ISBN: 9781842150481
Published by Southwater (Look & Learn series), 2000
This book claims to be useful for children from 6 months to 2 years. I would assess it for older children, both from the large size of the book and from the amount of information it contains. The idea is to look at the different pictures of children, all with clearly labeled body parts, and learn the names of each. A certain amount of basic information is included too, eg. you smell with your nose, but you also sneeze with it; and animals use their noses to help them find food. The section on faces shows feelings: angry, sleepy, sad, happy, etc. The photography is excellent and the idea a winning one. But 6 month old babies would chew and tear the paper pages and get little from it, even if sharing with an adult.
Age: 18 months+