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My body, your body ISBN: 9780749658625
Granstrom, Brita and Manning, Mick
Published by Franklin Watts (Wonderwise series), 2004
A wonderful book for sharing and learning. On the left of each double-page spread we have a jolly picture of a child using a part of the body - eyes, ears, nose, tongue, voice, teeth, hair, muscles, bones and skin. A few basic facts accompany the picture. On the right side we see animals - often exotic ones - using the same body parts but in different ways. Thus, in the skin section we see a puffer fish, an armadillo, and a male chameleon and learn about their very different sorts of skin. The information is easily assimilated and, most important of all, very interesting. I learned a lot! Science topic links are given, along with activities for children to do. The design and art work are imaginative and full of life. I can see children (and their parents) spending hours over this book.
Age: 4+