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Don't Get Angry, Annie (You Choose!) ISBN: 9780750277068
Regan, Lisa
Published by Wayland (Publishers) Ltd, 2013
Annie gets angry sometimes, and in this book she faces five situations that make her cross. She (and we) are given three answers to each situation and there is only one really right one. Annie chooses and so do we, giving room for much discussion over right and wrong. There are also come coping strategies given, such as counting to ten. In the first situation, Annie sees that her friend is playing with someone else, which makes her cross. What should she do? Push the other child away? Take away all the toys? or Ask if she can play too? The answer is fairly obvious, but some children may not agree, and discussion can then take place. Other situations Annie faces are: Being cross because she can't get a picture right, wanting a cookie when mum says no, having to deal with her little brother who can't play a game properly, and being told off for talking in class when others were talking too. These are all things faced by most children, and the way they learn to handle these tricky situations can be of real use to their growing understanding. An index, a glossary, and a couple of pages aimed at adults using the book with a child all add to the production, as do the bright and fun pictures.
Age: 5+