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How to be a Kool Kid ISBN: 9781906036010
Premiership, Kid
Published by Kid Premiership
This booklet, aimed at Key Stage 2 science pupils, provides an excellent basic run-down on specific parts of the body - the heart, teeth, the digestive system, and muscles, together with a comprehensive look on how to keep them all healthy, ie. exercise, diet and dental hygiene. The design is good for today's children used to comics and computer games. The use of diagrams, different font colours and sizes, cartoon characters, speech bubbles and information boxes make the information lively, colourful and approachable. The book is available either on its own or in a pack together with a Journal (9781906036027) and a Collector Card, both of which are meant to help the individual child keep track of his or her progress in becoming a 'Kool Kid'. Very much a 'now generation' product, this book and the journal and collector card will greatly appeal to kids, even beyond Key Stage 2. Available from (Tel: 01484 536553).
Age: 7+