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Open Wide... What's Inside? ISBN: 9780957439900
Rushworth, Alex and Rushworth, Helen
Published by Rushworth Publishing, 2012
If this picture book doesn't make children want to brush their teeth, nothing will! It seems it isn't just food that rots our teeth and causes problems - it's the 'sugarbugs'. The sugarbugs (streptococcus mutans) eat the bits leftover on the teeth, and after eating, the obvious happens and they produce poo: 'It's nasty stuff. It drips and runs down your teeth, onto your gums.' It is this slime that cause holes in the teeth. The rhyming couplets and the clever pictures of people with very large mouths with lots of teeth are great fun, and the illustrations of the 'Superbug' cetainly make one want to avoid him at all costs! We also learn we should visit the dentist regularly. Some facts at the back of the book, such as 'armadillos have 104 teeth', add to the humour and interest. Children will love all the grunge, and the point will be taken instantly. This should have them running for their toothbrushes.
Age: 3+