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Dachy's Deaf (Dinosaur Friends) ISBN: 9780750270564
Hughes, Jack
Published by Wayland, 2012
Dachy, a little pink, flying dinosaur, wears a hearing aid. He likes listening to soft noises like birdsong and the wind, but when his friends get too noisy, he can't understand what they are saying. One day when they are playing noisy games, he wanders off, and feeling tired, he climbs onto a rock and turns off his hearing aid. Only it isn't a's a turtle, and Dachy doesn't hear the turtle telling him to 'get off'. Fast asleep, he doesn't know that the turtle has dumped him off into the river and that he is now floating on a log! His friends find him just in time to save his going over a waterfall and into the mouth of a hungry alligator. Explanations follow, and when his dinosaur friends realise that lots of noise is difficult for Dachy, they promise not to be so noisy, and he promises to tell them before he goes off again. It's a simple story, but with lots of amazing, highly-coloured pictures of the four friends and their adventures. The point is made without fuss that people (or dinosaurs) who wear hearing aids can't do with lots of noise, and that deaf people are just like everyone else. Great stuff and huge fun!
Age: 3+