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Mac Obeasty ISBN: 9780980556452
McKenzie, Heath and Wallace, Adam
Published by Jojo Publishing, 2009
In this wacky and wonderful book (the subject is in the title!), we meet Mac and all his 'beasty' friends - monsters all. Mac plays the bagpipes beautifully, but he eats so much junk food that he can't ever hope to dance to the music he enjoys so much. Well, it would be difficult, wouldn't it, particularly if one lives in 'a swamp on a bed of slime'. His very favourite foods are rat burgers and deep-fried Loch Ness (unidentifiable blobs - hopefully not the Loch Ness monster), and he eats nine meals a day! The beastys he buys this food from are delighted to encourage his massive appetite, and are able to send their children to private schools on the income they earn. Mac is happy in his over-eating until Julie, a four-armed monster of a personal trainer comes his way. His accepting her offer to help him may have something to do with her blue eyes, golden hair and red lips, but whatever the reason, Mac beings a programme of healthy eating and punishing exercise that finally pay off, and he becomes slim and healthy - with a quite unbelievable six pack! He dances and dances, and he and Julie form a partnership to help other monsters get fit. Just occasionally he has a treat of a rat burger and deep-fried Loch Ness! The pictures are extremely funny and unusual, not to say odd, and while some of the text is in rhyming couplets, not all of it is, and when it is in that form, it doesn't always scan. However, this doesn't seem to matter much because the whole production is so bizarre. I loved it, and children will certainly learn a lot about how to eat and exercise in a painless and funny way. The book is Australian and is available in the UK from Amazon, from good book shops, and from the distributor in this country: email (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 6+