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My Body ISBN: 9788183569835
listed, No Author
Published by Discovery Publishing House, 2012
In this book for the very youngest child, we find lots of big pictures of children with the parts of the body labelled. It is quite detailed with, for instance, a picture of a girl's head with mouth, lips, teeth and tongue pointed out, as well as ears and eyes. The sense organs are included as well as a few of the things the body can do - holding items, writing, and playing an instrument. We see children walking, running, dancing and playing, with the proper word written under each activity. The final section is on taking care of the body - brushing teeth, having baths, washing hands, wearing clean clothes, exercising and playing. Oddly, cleaning ears, and applying oil to hair are included. As this book was published in India, presumably customs there are not always the same as here, and there may have been some problems in translation. The illustrations are bright and clear, and the information good in its basic form. The large print helps too, and small children will enjoy pointing out the various parts of the body. Available in the UK from Amazon, from good book shops and from the distributor in this country: email (Tel:01524 68765).
Age: 2+