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Anger ISBN: 9789350561614
listed, No Author
Published by Discovery Publishing House, 2012
A basic book for the very young about how to handle anger. Bright, comic-style pictures show us a little boy having a real temper fit. Mum explains that everyone gets angry sometimes, but that anger must be controlled so that others don't get hurt. Different ways of coping with anger are explained - taking a walk, reading a book, or playing sport - and after one has cooled down, one should talk to the person who has caused the anger. The book, published in India, has one or two problems with sentence structure, probably due to translation, but the message is simply told and the print is large and easily read. Available in the UK from Amazon, from good bookshops, and from the distributor in this country: email (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 4+