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Human Body (My Knowledge Book) ISBN: 9788131914236
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Published by B. Jain Publications, 2011
A comic-style book for the very young, this production features a little boy who shows us the parts of the body, both external and internal, and what they do. There are 'quick fact' boxes with bits of interesting information, but while the five senses, the brain, the skeleton, the heart, the lungs, the kidneys and the liver are explained in simple terms, there is nothing about the digestive tract nor the reproductive system. Perhaps the publishers thought these things to complex for the very young. As the book is published in India, there are a couple of inconsistencies in sentence structure, probably due to translation. The pictures are bright and clear, and the print is large and easily read. Available in the UK from Amazon, from good bookshops, and from the distributor here: email (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 4+