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Being Frank ISBN: 9781936261192
Castellani, Andrea and Earnhardt, Donna W.
Published by Flashlight Press, 2012
Frank by name and Frank by nature, this Frank is too honest! He believes that 'honesty is the best policy', but when he tells his friend Carol that her singing 'is kind of shrieky' and his teacher that her 'breath smells funny', they are not impressed. Mum is even less so when he tells the police officer that she was speeding! His friends reactions to his honesty make Frank sad, and he goes to find Grandpa Ernest, who also has a reputation for being more honest than is necessary. Grandpa explains that while one must always be honest, one can do it in ways that make people feel better about themselves. After Frank sees Grandpa's ways of handling the truth, he learns the softer options - that the truth should be 'served with more sugar and less pepper'. The comic-style pictures add to the fun. An American book, it can be bought from Amazon, from good bookshops, or direct from Gazelle on 01524 68765, email
Age: 4+