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Moving Pictures ISBN: 9781907585586
Argent, Hedi and Fuller, Rachel
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF), 2012
This is a resource book, complete with a CD-Rom of pictures to be printed off for the child to colour-in. Children who have had troubled lives, possibly moving between several families, often find it difficult to settle once they are adopted into a 'forever family'. These pictures are intended to help the moving in process, and the sensitive questions that accompany each picture will open discussion between carer and child. Pictures and discussion questions cover such situations as: Moving to a new family, Extended family and other people, Designing your own room, Cooking and eating, Helping each other, Playing together, Going to school, Arguments in the family, Having fun together, Explaining where money comes from, Loving and hugging, and Giving and Celebrating. The pictures can be used in any order, and there are guidelines to help the carers make the most of the package. This could be of real use to children in a situation of transition, and the idea of using pictures as a catalyst for discussion is a good one.
Age: 4+