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Ready Steady Ghost! ISBN: 9780192792655
Baguley, Elizabeth and Lindsay, Marion
Published by Oxford University Press, 2012
It's the ghost that is afraid in this story. Bertie is a very small ghost, and while his chums are happy to go about haunting castles and stately homes, Bertie wants somewhere warm and cosy. He creeps through the forest and thinks he sees windows of just the sort of house he is looking for, but...' Shiver-me, shake-me! Not windows at all but eyes that belong to a big, gobble-me wolf!' He further encounters a snake and a dragon, neither of whom sees little Bertie, but when he finds himself in a castle, trying to practice big ghost noises, he is chased by a dog to the attic - where he finds a dolls house-sized castle, complete with a little king and queen who welcome him in as the perfect ghost for them. The pictures are wonderful, full of blues and scary shapes in the forest and replete with oranges and yellows when he finds his warm and cosy house at last. This will be of reassurance to all little ghosts who feel small and unsure.
Age: 3+