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I Can Hear! (Start Reading Just Like You) ISBN: 9780750260138
Elkerton, Andy and John, Louise
Published by Wayland, 2011
In this simply-read, short book, we meet a boy who wears a hearing aid. The fact that he is deaf or partially-hearing is not mentioned, but he takes great delight in hearing sounds. 'Sh!' he says, 'I can hear the birds singing.' And he goes on to hear the wind, water splashing, his dad shouting, his baby sibling crying, and a band playing. His joyous last shout is: 'I can hear!' There is lots of detail in the happy pictures, and this is a lad who enjoys life and all its variety of sounds. This is one of a series of four beginner readers, each of which shows us a person with limited ability in some area living life to the full.
Age: 4+