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Moving (The Real Deal) ISBN: 9780431908144
DeGezelle, Terri
Published by Heinemann Raintree, 2009
In this series of books aimed at upper primary and secondary children, a range of topics about health and social issues is covered. Quite detailed information includes Case Studies and Newsflash boxes, Top Tip boxes for coping strategies, and What Do You Think boxes which give questions for discussion. 'Moving' starts by admitting that moving house 'can be a roller coaster of emotions'. It goes on to give us a bit of history as to why people moved in times past and why they move now. Some people are forced to move and others choose to for various reasons. Families in the military move often. There are suggestions for ways to make the saying goodbye easier and lots of good advice about sorting and packing. Everyone feels differently about moving, and some will feel lonely and upset, while others will be excited. One's attitude is important. It is important, too, to eat healthily and keep fit while in the process of moving, and to make real attempts to find out about the new place. Some people must get used to a different country and culture - even a new language. Making friends can be difficult and will take time, but will happen. There are some excellent tips on making friends and on how to start at a new school. It is also important to keep up with old friends. Most of all, one must be oneself. As this series is particularly useful for schools and project work, a glossary, a list of other books and websites, and an index are welcome additions.
Age: 10+