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The Really Rude Rhino ISBN: 9781842705711
Ross, Tony and Willis, Jeanne
Published by Andersen Press, 2006
The Really Rude Rhino is rude from the day he is born. He sticks out his tongue and goes 'pthhhhhh!' and he does it to everyone - his parents, his brothers and sisters, his teachers, even Santa Claus. He 'moons' too, and when his horrified parents take him to the doctor, the doctor announces he has Ruditis Rhinoceritis and there is no cure. Oh dear. But he gets his come-uppance in the form of a little girl eating water melon, who, when he charges at her, sticks out her tongue and shouts 'pthhhhhh!' even louder than he can. The RRR turns tail and runs and is never rude again. Kids and their parents will love the zany art work, which even manages to give a feel of the African plains, and they may even decide that being rude isn't worth the effort. Good fun!
Age: 3+