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I Always, ALWAYS Get My Way ISBN: 9780979974649
Krasnesky, Thad and Parkins, David
Published by Flashlight Press, 2009
In this laugh-out-loud-funny book, the little girl uses all her wiles to get herself out of trouble until the final episode when even her usual plea that works with mum comes unstuck: 'I sweetly answered, ''Don't blame me. Did you forget? I'm only three.'' ' It's a little hard to believe that this little problem-maker is only three, but the premise is a great one - if a child is allowed to get by with murder, she will continue to cause mayhem. In super rhyming couplets and the kind of expressive illustrations that add miles to the text, we see this three-year-old catastrophe on legs get by with dumping orange juice down her dad's new trousers, blaming her brother for an accident she caused herself, and using her sister's things without asking. But what disasters! Dad twigs that all is not well when she digs a hole while playing pirates and tries to bury all the family silver. And even mum becomes suspicious when the living room is littered with broken biscuits and mess from an early morning breakfast. And then there is the grandaddy of all messes that finally brings the whole family together in knowing who is to blame. The little girl is sent to bed: 'I sadly closed my bedroom door. I may be here until I'm four.' The huge humour makes the point extremely well without preaching. The book should be in every young 'madam's' library! Available from Amazon or from Gazelle Books (tel: 01524 68765) Email:
Age: 3+