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Scaredy Squirrel at Night ISBN: 9781846471100
Watt, Melanie
Published by Catnip, 2010
Scaredy Squirrel is back, with teeth that glow in the dark on the front cover! He needs glowing teeth - he's afraid of bad dreams, and the things he is afraid he will dream of are quite remarkable: ghosts, unicorns, fairies, dragons, vampire bats and polka-dot monsters. Scaredy's solution to this problem is not to sleep at all. If he doesn't sleep, he doesn't dream. Simple. So he thinks up things to keep him awake at night - counting stars, playing cymbals and making scrapbooks. But of course he hasn't thought of what lack of sleep can do to him, and he suffers in consequence. To crown it all, his horoscope tells him, 'At midnight all your dreams will come true.' This is not good news and he hastily prepares an action plan. Suffice it to say his plans go wrong. A herd of hungry racoons appear and eat all the props he has carefully prepared. In the panic that follows Scaredy decides to play dead and falls asleep - for a refreshing eight hours. This sets him up to realise that the bad dreams were just in his imagination. Bizarre, hugely funny and full of quite sophisticated vocabulary, this story will appeal from its very facetiousness, and the clever illustrations in muted colours but full of detail that adds greatly to the story, are charming and funny. Great stuff, as Scaredy might say!
Age: 5+