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The Alligator in Naomi's Pillow ISBN: 9781551455860
Giuliano, David and McBrien, Marlene
Published by Wood Lake Books,Canada, 2010
Naomi has begun waking her parents regularly with her fears that there is an alligator in her pillow who wants to bite her on the neck. At first she wants them to fight the alligator, which they try to do, although no one can actually see him. Then she wants to exchange pillows with dad, hoping that will solve the problem. It doesn't. The third night this happens, Naomi admits that she doesn't know what to do, and the family begins to discuss the problem. Dad suggests she should ask the alligator if she really wants to bite her neck. Naomi listens to her pillow very carefully and admits she doesn't. What does she want, then? The alligator wants to talk to Naomi, so they all go back to bed so she can do so. It seems the alligator is afraid of things too, like being hunted, and Naomi confesses she is afraid of taking the training wheels off her bike. When she tells her parents in the morning that she has been considering removing the wheels from her bike, the penny drops, and they understand that her fear of the alligator has been masking another fear. The serious intent behind this picture book is masked in a different way by the jolly, comic-style illustrations, and the fact that Naomi is gently led to solve her own problem is a real plus. Available from Amazon or directly from: (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 4+