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Need to Know: Allergies ISBN: 9780431097602
Parker, Steve
Published by Heinemann Library, 2004
One of a sophisticated series about various conditions and illnesses, this book gives us a great deal of detailed information about different kinds of allergies. It begins with an explanation of what an allergy is, and a history of the condition. Sections follow on anaphylaxis and the great danger of this reaction, and on who is affected by allergies. We then get down to specific allergies: those of the nose (perennial allergic rhinitis, hayfever; skin allergies (urticaria, eczema, dermatitis) which includes a list of chemical allergens; food allergies (with a list of culprits and an explanation of the difference between allergy and intolerance). Some people are allergic to drugs and/or microbes and these can cause serious reactions. Bites and stings are another danger. A section on diagnosis and support gives ways of testing for allergy and emphasises the importance of help from family and friends. A section on living with allergy gives tips on planing ahead, whether at home or away, and in one of the many personal stories scattered through the book, we learn about Kirsty and her problem with a food allergy. Further sections on prevention and treatment(including medications, emollients, complementary therapies, and food additives), and the use of desensitization and the possibilities in further research complete this detailed book. Illustrations add much to the whole, and a good glossary, index and list of helpful organisations worldwide will make the book useful in schools. While aimed at teenagers, the book will be very useful for adults as well.
Age: 11+