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Little Princess - I Don't Want to Wash My Hands ISBN: 9780007150724
Ross, Tony
Published by HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks, 2003
The Little Princess can make washing hands fun - and necessary! She loves getting dirty, but isn't so keen on washing afterwards. Why should she wash her hands before she eats? And why should she wash them again after playing with the dog? And after she's already washed them twice, why should she wash them after using the potty? It's all very mysterious and hard to understand. The Maid explains: It's because of 'germs and nasties'. They get into food and make you ill and are 'worse than crocodiles'. The Little Princess is so convinced that she washes her hands yet again - and then demands to know if the Maid has washed hers! A lovely way to learn about germs and the importance of cleanliness.
Age: 2+