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Am I Fit and Healthy?: Learning About Diet and Exercise (Me And My Body) ISBN: 9780750252737
Gordon, Mike and Llewellyn, Claire
Published by Wayland, 2007
Super comic-style illustrations and lots of humour make this a book to enjoy as well as learn from. We move from babies drinking only milk, to learning to eat lots of different foods, to wanting only certain foods (like biscuits) to eating sensibly. Pictures of different kinds of foods that help the body in different ways are followed by pictures of the wrong kinds of foods that can harm the body, and a very funny cat shows us his rotten teeth, his spots and his obesity problem. Different people enjoying different kinds of foods, and the fact that some people can't eat some foods for logical reasons are both mentioned, as well as all the good reasons for having a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. A topic web covers curriculum areas the book can help with, and there is a brief glossary and an index, as well as a short list of further reading. Huge fun!
Age: 5+