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Moving House (My First Time) ISBN: 9780749674908
Kopper, Lisa, Petty, Kate and Pipe, Jim
Published by Franklin Watts, 2007
Sam and Jenny's family is moving from a flat to a house, and Sam is not at all sure he wants to go. He likes his room, and he isn't pleased when mum shows prospective buyers around the flat. When they see the new house with a garden and a big dog, Jenny wants to know if the dog will come with the house. Unfortunately not, explain mum and dad. When the family begin to pack up their belongings and the flat no longer looks like home, Sam begins to think the move is not such a bad idea after all. Kitty is to go too, but isn't pleased about being shut up in her special pet box. At the new house, the kitchen things are still packed, so dad buys a take-away, and the children go to bed in their new rooms. Even Kitty settles down in the end. A nicely tuned book that manages to get all the facts about moving into a real story. The illustrations do an excellent job of making clear the details of what is happening to the family. This should prove reassuring to children unsure about leaving a well-loved place.
Age: 4+