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Moving House (Big Day) ISBN: 9780750253659
Barber, Nicola
Published by Wayland, 2008
A good basic book about what happens when you move house. One must pack up, giving away some things you have outgrown, and say goodbye to friends and neighbours (with whom you can keep in touch). Then the removal truck arrives, and when the old house is empty, it looks 'very odd'. You may have a long journey to the new house, even staying over before you get there, but once you are there, the excitement of seeing where you are to live takes over. Everything is 'messy' for awhile, but everyone mucks in to unpack. That night you 'brush your teeth in a new bathroom and go to bed in your new bedroom'. It's good to know your parents are with you while all this is happening. Soon you will make new friends and perhaps start a new school. This is a nicely thought through book about the joys and some of the difficulties of moving house. Positive and full of jolly pictures of families getting on with the job, it should provide lots of reassurance. There is a list of other reading as well as a list of websites for parents and a list of words that might be useful if one is writing about one's house-moving experience.
Age: 4+