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Where is Poppy's panda? ISBN: 9781905664726
Fuller, Rachel and Pitcher, David
Published by British Association for Adoption and Fostering, 2009
This is a subtle picture book that will appeal to all children, but which will be most useful in helping children who are fostered or in care cope with the changes in their lives. In a preface to a booklet giving suggestions on using the story, the author makes the point that everyone needs a 'thread of continuity' in their lives and Panda is Poppy's 'thread'. He has always been with her. Her mother chose Panda for Poppy before she was born, and he has been with her through fostering, respite care, and adoption, in a move to a new house, on her first day at nursery, and always when she goes to sleep. When he goes missing, it is something of a tragedy for Poppy, and she needs to find him - which she ultimately does. The eagle-eyed will spot bits of Panda behind a curtain from time to time, and it is obvious from the beginning that Panda will be found. But the real sophistication of this story lies in the fact that there are no explanations of why the changes in Poppy's life happen. They just do, and Panda is what keeps it all okay for her. The pictures are charming - full of the detail of a little girl's messy room as she searches for her well-loved toy. An excellent production. Available from the publisher:
Age: 3+