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Deafness (Explaining) ISBN: 9780749682583
Levete, Sarah
Published by Franklin Watts, 2009
One of a sophisticated and detailed series of books on disabilities and diseases. In this one we learn about the different levels of deafness from mild to profound, how the ear works and the different things that can go wrong, how the problem is diagnosed and the difficulties that can occur through late diagnosis, treatments such as different kinds of hearing aids and cochlear implants, lip-reading, different sign languages, deafness and education (mainstream or special schools), what happens in the workplace and the role of technology, coping in the family and fighting discrimination. An interesting section on the Deaf as a separate community who do not consider themselves as disabled makes clear that it is society in general that they feel causes the problems by not providing proper access. A final section on the future for deaf people includes genetic research, working with stem cells, brainstem transplants and new kinds of hearing aids. Adults as well as children will find this book fascinating reading, an excellent overview of the positive and negative aspects of deafness, of the help available, and of hope for the future. A glossary, an index and a list of further reading and websites make it very useful for school project work as well.
Age: 10+