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Monsters are Afraid of the Moon ISBN: 9780747587132
David, Jill (Translator) and Satrapi, Marjane
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC, 2007
Marie, a happy child in daytime, is plagued by three monsters evry night - one pinchs her nose, a second pulls her hair, and the third makes 'horribly wicked faces'. Fed up with this situation, Marie decides that the monsters won't come out if her room is light. So she cuts the moon from the sky and imprisons it in a cage in her room. Sure enough, the monsters stay away, but the lack of moonlight causes chaos in the village. All the cats get hurt because they can't see properly, and this means the rats have a field day. The cat king must explain to Marie that the moon must go back to the sky. But what about my monsters, asks Marie? The king promises to send one of his soldiers (a cat, naturally) who will sleep at the foot of her bed and keep the monsters away. 'So when you see a little girl with a cat sleeping at the foot of her bed, now you will know why.' Brilliant! The pictures are very bright and basic with lots of strong black lines and space. I suspect a toy cat at the foot of the bed might have the same effect for those who would rather not have a real cat sleeping with their child.
Age: 4+