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I Want to Go Home! (Little Princess Series) ISBN: 9781842705858
Ross, Tony
Published by Andersen Press Ltd, 2006
When the Queen announces that she has found a new, much bigger castle and that they must move, the Little Princess is horrified. 'I don't want to live somewhere else,' she says. 'I want to go home.' Her big, new room does not impress, nor does the garden, or the new kitchen. The Little Princess is pleased when the Queen says they can go back to the old castle for a visit. But what is this? The castle has been painted pink, there is someone else staying in her room, the trees have been cut down, and worst of all, the new owner, the Duchess of Somewhereorther, insists on hoovering up all the crumbs under the tea table. The Queen and the Little Princess can't get back to their new home fast enough. Home is where one's familiar things are, one's family, and one's accustomed way of doing things. Another book in this delightful series.
Age: 3+