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No More Monsters: A Pop-Up Monster Trap Storybook ISBN: 9781603791137
Currant, Gary and Meador, Martin
Published by Penton Overseas Inc, 2008
This little boy doesn't believe his parents when they tell him monsters aren't real. So, he sets a trap, baited with pizza, and when he wakes in the morning, the trap has not sprung and the pizza is still there. Ergo, his parents were right all along, and there are no monsters. It's a good wheeze, but there are two rather special things about this board book. The first is the set of black eyes that wobble in a clear plastic bubble at the top of the book and glow in the dark - presumably monster eyes! And the second is the pop-up card-engineered monster trap in the middle. It springs up nicely when we turn the page so we can see that it's empty. Kids will love it! An American production, the book is available from Amazon or from : (Tel: 01524 68765).
Age: 3