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Molly and the Night Monster ISBN: 9780224070737
Wormell, Christopher
Published by Jonathan Cape Ltd, 2008
As befits a story happening in the middle of the night, the illustrations are all in variations of soft blue. When Molly wakes in the night, she hears a step on the stair. Could it be a crocodile or a bear, a hippo or a giraffe, an elephant - or even a monster? In mounting fear, Molly bravely throws 'her monster-catcher' (her duvet) over the 'beast' as it enters her room. 'It was a mummy she had caught!' - a mummy who wanted a kiss and a cuddle, and all is well. This is a brilliantly simple concept, and we see her in the last picture asleep, surrounded by all her soft toy animals and the family cat. Wonderful!
Age: 3+