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The Monster Who Ate Darkness ISBN: 9781406308679
Dunbar, Joyce and Liao, Jimmy
Published by Walker, 2008
Jo-Jo is afraid of the dark, particularly the dark under his bed. There might be a monster there - and actually, there is! A tiny little black monster, who is very, very hungry. When he discovers that his favourite food is eating the darkness, he proceeds to eat the darkness under the bed, then in the room, through other houses attics and chimneys, in rabbit holes and foxes' burrows, caves and volcanoes until he eats 'ALL THE DARKNESS OF THE NIGHT'. And he is a very big monster! But then he hears Jo-Jo crying because he can't sleep as it's too bright. Owls are falling from their perches because they sleep too long, and fireflies can't be seen because there is no dark. The monster picks up Jo-Jo and cuddles him, and as the two of them sleep together, the darkness oozes out of the monster and goes back where it belongs. In the morning Jo-Jo wakes up clutching the tiny monster, now a small soft toy. This is super - original and quite, quite delightful. The illustrations have a surreal quality - lots of colour and beauty. I noted one typographical error in the copy I read, but that must be forgiven in an otherwise very special production.
Age: 4+