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Darkness Slipped In ISBN: 9780753415313
Burfoot, Ella
Published by Kingfisher Books Ltd, 2008
'Daisy was thinking of a game to play when Darkness slipped in at the end of the day.' Daisy is a resourceful child, not at all afraid of the dark, and when Darkness arrives, she grabs him to join her dance. It is Darkness who looks perturbed, but she soon has him dancing happily. Then they enjoy cake and lemonade. 'But when they're tired and sleepy, Daisy switches off the light. And Daisy knows and Darkness knows it's time to say goodnight.' This should prove an excellent antidote to fears, and Daisy's assuredness that she is in control will help children control their own fears. The pictures are fun - Darkness is a shiny black figure with big white eyes, and his shininess makes him show up even on a gray background. In contrast, Daisy is all pink and perky. They make an odd couple, but a friendly one. Highly original.
Age: 4+