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Busy-busy bears ISBN: 9781842702451
Joos, Frederic and Oram, Hiawyn
Published by Andersen Press, 2004
This is a story about going to playgroup with a difference. Big Bear has been offered a job one day a week, but what is to happen to Baby Bear? The first solution is for Baby Bear to go to Mrs Hogg. But Mrs Hogg is terribly tidy and knits all day. Baby Bear is bored, and Big Bear is about to give up her job when Baby Bear comes up with the answer - the playgroup her friend Baby Tiger attends. Thereafter, we have happy pictures of BB and her new friends playing happily together, doing all the things one does at playgroup (plus a few one hasn't seen before!). When mum is offered three days a week, BB is perfectly happy: 'When you go off to your work, I'll be off to my work...playing hard all day!' The warmth and joy of the relationship between BB and her single, working mum are very evident in the illustrations.
Age: 3+